What’s New In Old School RuneScape League IV Trailblazer Reloaded

D: The latest Old School RuneScape update implements changes for the League IV Trailblazer Reloaded tasks, combat achievements, and general fixes.Find the bestOSRS GP deals only on U7Buy today!

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Find the best OSRS GP deals only on U7Buy today! League IV Trailblazer Reloaded is an Old School RuneScape game mode separate from the main game. It’s a seasonal mode that started on 15th November and will end on January 10th , 2024. Players complete tasks and do all sorts of activities. The developers are constantly keeping an eye on how the league plays out making changes when necessary. The latest updates concern tasks, combat achievements, and more.

Old School RuneScape League IV Trailblazer Reloaded Task and Combat Achievement Updates

Tasks are among the most important League mechanics. These activities are meant as a way for Old School RuneScape players to progress through League IV Trailblazer Reloaded. Thanks to the participants’ feedback, annoying bugs were identified and fixed. The Equip a Full Prospector Outfit task was updated so players can now complete it with a mix of normal and gold prospector outfits. The task requiring players to create 50 divine super combat potions wrongly said 100 instead of 50. A correction was applied, so there is no more confusion. The bug that prevented players from completing the Equip Every Draconic Shield task after equipping all three shields was fixed. The same goes for the Muspah Combat Achievements task. This will count as completed as soon as players finish all the requirements. The Kourend task list does not include the Equip a Full Angler’s Outfit task anymore. This was a duplicate task. The God Wars dungeon KC tasks now include Nex as well. Let’s see what changed in relation to the combat achievements. Zone-specific achievements will be auto-completed. When the necessary points for the combat achievement tiers are obtained, players will unlock the said tiers. Previous to this fix, players needed one more point over the threshold. The Versatile Drainer combat achievement now counts Purge as one of the three distinct Prayer drain ways.

Old School RuneScape League IV Trailblazer Reloaded General Changes

The Old School RuneScape League IV Trailblazer Reloaded update also contains changes about no specific category, but nevertheless important. The Guardian Horn has a toggle so players can automatically call the Guardian while fighting. A warning will notify players when their Guardian has a rare outfit when they re-roll. The Guardian will not fail to stun the Abyssal Sire anymore. The number of Soul Wars points that can be used at a time was set to 1000. This way, obtaining lots of XP will not trigger glitches. The attack speed boost from the Superior Sorcerer in Soul Wars now applies to Tumeken’s Shadow as well. Players with a clue nest, bottle, and geode in their banks can get a clue scroll. Zimberfizz will not get out of the Soul Wars tutorial anymore. Clipping issues triggered by alchemy animations were fixed. The League Firsts board was updated. The players’ ranks from past leagues are now shown as they should in the PoH Trophy Room Scroll. Don’t forget that if you come to U7Buy andshop today for OSRS gold your purchase will be finalized in minutes!

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