Surf Developers Leverage Copilot A.I. To Automate Tasks and Save Time for Business

Surf Developers Leverage Copilot A.I. To Automate Tasks and Save Time for Business

In the rapidly evolving world of app development, where competition is fierce and millions of apps flood platforms like the App Store and Google Play, businesses face the crucial challenge of reducing time to market without compromising on quality. Surf developers have tackled this challenge by leveraging new age technologies, notably the game-changing Copilot.

The age-old issue of repetitive tasks within the IT community has led to a significant portion of a programmer’s work becoming routine. This not only consumes valuable time but also incurs additional costs for businesses. While traditional solutions like templates and frameworks have been employed, they present their own set of challenges, such as the time required for template creation and their limited applicability to large-scale tasks.

Copilot software is the most efficient in this scenario, offering an AI-based solution that swiftly addresses project-specific needs. Developers benefit from a tool that delivers results based on the project context and environment, requiring only a clear articulation of the expected outcome.

After extensive research into various tools, Surf has chosen Copilot for several compelling reasons:

  1. Background and Reliability: Copilot, developed by Microsoft and released under the globally recognized GitHub brand, ensures reliability. It leverages OpenAI models, is known for its superior performance, and guarantees quality and safety.
  2. Usability and Regular Updates: Copilot stands out with its user-friendly interface, ease of initiation, and regular updates. This tool provides a comprehensive set of features, including a code writing assistant and a developer chat, all covered under a single subscription, minimizing costs.

According to Stackoverflow, GitHub Copilot has secured the top spot as the most widely used AI developer tool, with 55% of respondents utilizing it in 2023. Furthermore, GitHub reports a staggering 55% increase in coding speed attributed to the tool.

Surf actively adopts promising new technologies like Flutter to benefit clients. With over 25 Flutter projects completed, Surf leverages their expertise to deliver 40-60% cost savings versus native development for mobile solutions.

Surf, known for embracing innovative approaches, initiated an experimental group of developers to assess Copilot’s impact on internal projects. Over six months, the group not only experienced a 55% increase in coding speed but also reported a 64% improvement in overall efficiency. An overwhelming 99% expressed eagerness to continue utilizing AI-based tools for their work. Surf remains committed to monitoring developers’ efficiency and assessing Copilot’s impact on code quality.

It’s crucial to note that implementing Copilot in any project demands careful consideration of safety requirements, given that the code undergoes processing by a third-party tool.

About the Company:

With over 12 years of еxpеriеncе, Surf has bееn at thе forеfront of developing flagship mobilе and wеb applications for markеt lеadеrs and startups in thе B2C and B2B sеctors. Trustеd by rеnownеd brands such as KFC, Mars, Thе Homе Dеpot, Burgеr King, SAP, and morе, Surf continuеs to push boundaries in delivering efficient and high-quality solutions. 

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