Why Should You Apply for an Internship in Tokyo?

Why Should You Apply for an Internship in Tokyo?

International work experience has never been more valuable in today’s interconnected globalized world. Through internships abroad, you can develop cross-cultural working practices while also gaining real world experience within your study field and cultivate global professional networks.

Japan is one of the top spots for internship opportunities and this article reveals why an international internship in its capital city Tokyo might be appealing.

Top Reasons to Apply for an Internship in Tokyo

Most people who visit Tokyo love it. And there’s no doubt since the city looks good, clean, competitive, and culturally interesting. With this fact, you can try something new and help your job simultaneously by doing an international internship Tokyo.

Here are more reasons why this popular city is the best option for you to have your internship.

Cultural Experience

Japan has a lot of history and culture, and interning there is a great way to learn about Japanese practices and customs. Also, the country is famous for its great food, fashion, and art, making it a unique and exciting place to work abroad.

Highly International City

Tokyo is one of the world’s most internationally diverse cities, home to workers, expats and tourists from every nation on Earth. Although foreign, it can be easy to adapt as signs are written in English making getting around easier while many local people understand English making conversing easier too.

Incredibly Clean City

The bad thing about living in most big towns is how dirty they are. Fortunately, Tokyo is not such a place! Many people in the city recycle, which is evident in many spots where you can recycle your trash. Also, most of the locals never litter. Tokyo also has excellent trash collectors who keep the place clean and free from visible garbage.

Language Learning

Learning Japanese is hard but interesting, and working in Japan is a great way to learn from people who speak the language. Most importantly, learning Japanese can help you get future jobs and allow you to work for Japanese companies or with Japanese clients.

Lit Shopping Scene

In Japan, you should save some money to do some real shopping. As far as clothes and tools go, Tokyo has a lot of great places to buy them. Also, some shops are just fun to look around. Many big shopping malls are also devoted to technology, providing a fun shopping experience.

Professional Development

Japan boasts a rigorous work ethic, making studying there an excellent opportunity to develop professional abilities such as being on time, paying close attention to details and working well with others. Employers highly value such skills that could further your career growth.


Tokyo is an incredible place to call home due to its low crime rate; for instance, should something such as your phone go missing, it’s likely going to be returned quickly – which is not something commonplace today anywhere in the world!

Technological Advancements

Many people know Japan for its technological advances, especially in engineering, robots, and AI, which are becoming more prominent nowadays. So, when you intern in Tokyo, you can work in cutting-edge technology areas and get real-world experience.

World-famous Transportation

Tokyo makes getting around town easy for its people. People love how fast and easy the city’s trains and buses are. The schedules are always on time, and the public transportation networks are clean and well-maintained.

Grow Your Career in Tokyo

With all that Tokyo offers, there’s no harm in choosing this amazing city as your base to pursue big goals and grow in your career. Don’t wait any longer: go after gold by setting goals in Tokyo!

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